District Meetings

We are working hard to have district meetings this year in a safe environment.
We will be posting the event sign-ups soon!

Every year from March until September, KAMC hosts its annual district meetings. Members receive a free lunch at the district meeting, and we also host annual continuing education classes in conjunction with our district meetings. Come to your local district meeting to get updates on what's going on in the industry and with the Association, stay to network with fellow members and partners!

Don't know which district you're in? Check out the map below to find out!


2021 District Meeting Schedule

District  Date Location Time
5 4/6/21 BG Hot Rods,    Bowling Green, KY 11:30am
10 4/20/2021 TBD 11:30am
11 4/29/2021 The Corbin Center 11:30am
4 4/27/21 Backhome Catering 11:30am
8 5/4/21 Mellow Mushroom 5:30pm
7 5/6/21 Lexington Legends 11:30am
2 5/11/21 Moonlight BBQ 11:30 CST
3 5/13/21 TBD 11:30am
9 5/18/21 Morehead Conference Center 11:30am
6 5/26/21 Pee Wee's 6:30pm
1 9/8/21 Hampton Inn     Murray, KY 11:30am

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