Why Advocate?

Part of our mission at the Kentucky Association of Master Contractors is to be the eyes, ears, and voice in Frankfort for our members and for the industry. We work with Top Shelf Lobby, LLC to act as a watch dog for harmful bills. Most recently, our efforts have kept sales tax from being charged on service work and have worked to keep workers' compensation in check.

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Know Your Legislators

In addition to our lobbying efforts, it is important to become an informed and active consitituent in your districts and State. Do you know who your legislators are?  Click here for the Kentucky Legislature website.

The regular telephone number to talk to a legislator is (502) 564 8100. To leave a message for a legislator toll free call 1-800-372-7181.

To write a legislator in Frankfort:

Honorable (insert name here)
Legislative Offices
State Capitol Annex
Frankfort, KY 40601

Be prepared to take a stand and make a difference.


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