Cross Connection Program

Cross Connection Program

Our mission is to provide a state wide certification for cross connection.


  • To promote the industry, including, but not limited to cross connection and back flow;
  • To establish a statewide certification for all isolation and containment devises installed in a public potable water system;
  • To establish the criteria for the creation of a certification program for backflow testers, to include: (a) The education experience and testing for those seeking certification as backflow testers; (b) The criteria for certifying existing backflow testers; (c) The criteria for continuing education; (d) The criteria for suspension or revocation of certification as a backflow tester; and (e) The criteria for the recertification of suspended or revoked certifications as a backflow tester;
  • To establish the requirements for the installation and testing of backflow devices;
  • To establish a program to allow the certification of water purveyors as installers of backflow devices;
  • To establish a reasonable fee schedule for the creation and maintenance of backflow devices and backflow tester program.
Certification Requirements:
Certification shall require one of following:
  • Licensed fire sprinkler
  • Licensed plumber
  • Lawn irrigation holding an insurance policy of $300,000 liability insurance.
  • Maintenance men tied to their company
  • Waste water/water utility employees tied to their company
Grandfathering of all certifications will be granted until December 31, 2018 with proof of certification from a nationally recognized backflow or cross connection organization (Northern Ky Backflow Group, BGCCPA, KRWA, Louisville Water, etc).  Beginning January 1, 2019 certifications will be taken from nationally recognized backflow or cross connection organization and proof of a minimum of $300,000 liability insurance.

Certification will be a 40 hours class, recertification will be every 3 (three) years.  The class will consist of a 6 (six) hour class, with at least 3 (three) hours of hands on training within the 18 months prior to expiration of certification.
Suspension or revocation of certification shall be determined by a subcommittee appointed by the board directors.  All appeals shall be heard by the entire board of directors.

Membership is $60 for a three year period. Once you sign up, a membership card will be generated at the end of every month and will be uploaded to your membership portal for you to print, and a physical copy will be mailed to you.

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