KAMC Mission & Vision

KAMC Mission

The mission of the KAMC is to inform, advocate, represent, and protect the business and professional interests of membership with all levels of government; to provide access to exclusive benefits that improve the profitability of the member's business; and provide educational and workforce development programming for the industry; so that we can protect the health of Kentucky's citizens. 
KAMC Vision
We believe that every contractor in Kentucky deserves to have the tools to be the most professional, relevant, and competent service deliverer so that consumers have the confidence they receiving a safe and reliable product.

We Believe

We Believe that strength in numbers allows for a bigger voice to accomplish our legislative agenda.

We Believe that if our industry invests in the best, most relevant, and highly pertinent continuing education programs that we can raise the bar for the entire industry.

We Believe that investing our energies and resources in Frankfort, on behalf of our contractors, saves our contractors money and time, so they can focus on work that makes them a profit. 

We Believe that our members should be the first-to-know about issues affecting their industry and that we can get that information to and for them.

We Believe honest contractors provide better service.

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