Duct Testing Services

Duct Testing Services

According to the standards of the 2009 IEECC for energy code compliance, certain homes require duct leakage testing. If you are installing any duct into attics, garages, or any unconditioned crawlspaces you are required to have the system pressurized and tested. KAMC can provide this service for you. Duct testing typically takes an hour from the time of set up to the time of clean up. An additional system in the house would take another 30 minutes from set-up to test. For more information on our rates, please see below:
$150 for first system $150 for each additional system + Mileage
$300 for first system $150 for each additional system + Mileage


If you are interested in our duct testing services, please contact us at info@kyamc.com or at 502-352-2575.


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